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Digimon Tamers Evolution Box

Digimon Tamer's Evolution Box

Available Monday, March 15 2021
Brand New, 2 left
CAD$ 134.99
  • Description

    The greatly awaited 1st surprise goods set from Digimon card game is now presented! Other than the limited Playmat, Memory Gauge‧Marker, Card Sleeves, Card Case, reprinted cards with new illustrations are also included! Let's transform your Digimon cards!

    【Product Information】
    ・Playmat 1pc
    ・Memory Gauge 1pc
    ・Storage Box 1pc
    ・Acrylic Maker 1pc
    ・Card Sleeves 50pcs + 5pcs
    ・Card Case 1pc
    ・Cards 8types 8pcs

    【Pre-order Limitation】
    12 pcs per order

    ※The product specification may be changed without prior notice.
    ※The designs and pictures on the page are in development stage, the actual product may vary.
    ※The product specification and the delivery date may be changed without prior notice.
    ※When the number produced has been reached, we will stop accepting applications for reservations. We may adjust the selling quantity and sell it again if we receive lots of customers' request.
    ※This product may be available in other countries or areas.